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DuraCeramic is one of the most durable and maintenance-friendly flooring options. As stated on the Congoleum website, following these easy care and maintenance guidelines will allow you to enjoy your beautiful long-lasting floor for years.

Immediately After Installation
  • Keep traffic to a minimum during the first 24 hours to allow the adhesive to harden. Then open to light foot traffic only for the next 24 hours. Resume normal traffic after 48 hours.
  • Furniture should not be placed on the floor for 24 hours so the adhesive (and grout, if applicable), have had adequate time to dry.
  • Always move heavy furniture and appliances with care to avoid gouging or tearing the floor.
  • Wash your floor using a suitable resilient floor cleaner 48 hours after installation.
Routine Cleaning
  • Sweep or vacuum (do not use a beater brush) regularly to remove dirt that can dull or scratch your floor.
  • Wipe up spills promptly with a damp cloth or mop.
  • For a more thorough cleaning, wash your floor with a non-detergent based resilient floor cleaner.
Note: Avoid one-step "mop and polish" products, dishwashing liquids and oil-based cleaners. These may leave a residue which can attract dirt and dull your floor's finish. Avoid cleaners that contain abrasives or solvents which may permanently damage your floor.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Make sure furniture legs have large surface, non-staining floor protectors. Replace small, narrow metal or dome-shaped glides with smooth, flat glides that are in flat contact with the floor. Glides should be equipped with self-adhesive felt pads to avoid scratching the surface of the floor. The pads should be checked periodically for grit and wear and replaced when necessary.
  • Heavy furniture or appliances that are not moved often should be equipped with flat, non-staining composition furniture casters or cups of appropriate size.
  • Mobile appliances and furniture should be equipped with easily swiveling casters.
  • Place mats at outside entrances to prevent dirt, grit and soil from being tracked onto your floor. Use 100% latex-backed mats, because some rubber-backed mats or carpets may permanently stain your floor.
  • Keep drapes and blinds down during peak periods of strong sunlight. Resilient floors, like other home furnishing products, may discolor or fade when overexposed to the sun.
  • Heat-producing appliances, such as a refrigerator or range, or hot air registers emitting heat in excess of 120 degrees, can scorch, burn, discolor or fade your floor. Cigarettes, matches and other hot objects can also damage your floor.
  • Avoid wearing stiletto or spiked heels on your floor. These types of heels can indent or damage many types of floors.
  • Do not use steam cleaners as they can permanently damage the floor.
Caution: Resilient flooring, like other types of smooth floors, can become slippery when wet. Allow time for the floor to dry after washing. Immediately wipe up wet areas from spills or wet feet. Place mats outside entrances to prevent water, snow or ice from being tracked onto your floor. Improper polishes or finishes can also cause slipperiness.

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