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Listed are some helpful tips/information to know when maintaining your laminate floor:
  • The smooth surface of your laminate means it is virtually maintenance free.
  • Never use wax, polish, oils, soaps, detergents, shine enhancers or varnish on the floor.
  • For dry maintenance, we recommend a dust mop or vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush only.
  • For slightly damp maintenance, we recommend a laminate cleaner which you spray directly and lightly on a duster.  Always wipe dry immediately until no more moisture is visible on the floor.  The use of other cleaning products might damage your floor. 
  • Do not use any type of cleaning machine such as spray mops, steam cleaners/mops or power cleaners. 
  • Wet maintenance is absolutely forbidden.  Remove any water immediately. 
  • Remove stubborn stains carefully with acetone based fingernail polish remover.  Never use scouring products!
  • Occasionally, things may become “stuck” to your floor, such as gum or candle wax.  This situation is best handled by letting the spot harden completely, then scraping it gently off the floor with a plastic scraper. 
  • Protect the laminate flooring in high traffic areas and from excessive tracking of outside dirt and soil with mats at all entrances. 
  • Protective felt pads on chair and furniture legs are recommended to further protect the floor.

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