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Your Karran sink is made from a unique 100% acrylic resin that has been researched and produced to meet the specific demands of the kitchen.  This material is more resistant to surface damage than other materials, but like most things, better care will make for a longer life.  Follow these cleaning and care procedures, as described on the Karran website at

Routine Cleaning

It is recommended to use a 3M Scotch-Brite pad and Comet, Ajax or any other powder detergent to clean your Karran sink.  The special satin finish of this sink will improve with the use of powder detergents, but all liquid detergents will also prove satisfactory.  Please be careful with drain cleaners.  Make sure that the cleaning agent goes down the waste outlet and does not sit in the basin.  Some drain cleaners react relatively violently as one would expect by the very nature of the requirement of the product, and instructions for handling are always given precisely on the product.  You may clean your sink periodically with a diluted bleach solution.

Routine Care

This material is resistant to heat and is unlikely to mark below temperatures of 360 degrees.  This means, in practical terms, that pots in which water and vegetables for example are boiled could be left on your sink for a short period of time without causing damage.  However, extended exposure to a hot pot will cause damage.  Our recommendation is to ALWAYS let hot items cool before placing them in your sink.  Alternatively, run some cold water when placing a hot pot into the sink.  By doing this, there is no chance of marking your sink as the hot item is instantly cooled.

Scratches and small chips from sharp utensils may occur over time through use but they can easily be removed by sanding with a 3M Scotch-Brite pad for fine scratches and sandpaper for deeper scratches or small chips.  Use a coarse sandpaper (100 or 150 grit) to start, finishing off with fine sandpaper and a 3M Scotch-Brite pad.  For deep chips, call Karran USA at 866-452-7726 to order a sink repair kit. 

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